Houdini Knowledge A Thon

Houdini Knowledge A Thon
Posted on 03/10/2023
KATHoudini's 2023 Knowledge-A-Thon (KAT) event and fundraiser is here!!  Your child received a Knowledge-A-Thon packet with questions and answers to study over a period of approximately 6 weeks.  The questions and answers are appropriate for the student’s grade level.  This is a pledge-type fundraiser and the children are asked to collect pledges from family and friends.  On KAT Day each child is verbally and individually tested on their questions.  If you have misplaced your materials, please find replacements that can be printed here or have your student stop in the office for an extra copy.

2023 KAT Cover Letter & FAQ.pdf
2023 KAT Pledge Sheet.pdf
2023 KAT Kindergarten Questions.pdf
2023 KAT 1st Grade Questions.pdf
2023 KAT 2nd Grade Questions.pdf
2023 KAT 3rd Grade Questions.pdf
2023 KAT 4th Grade Questions.pdf
2023 KAT 5th Grade Questions.pdf
2023 KAT 6th Grade Questions.pdf