Art Club

Battle of the Books

The statewide Battle of the Books program is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and remember information about the plots, characters, and settings of the books. Every question asked in a battle is answered by the title and author of the book and takes the form of: Name the book in which a horse and a boy are stranded on an island. It is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read.

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediators are a small number of student leaders in grades 5 & 6 who are specifically trained in the mediation process to provide another opportunity for all students to resolve conflicts/issues peacefully. Two mediators each day also eat with primary students and go on the playground for the primary students’ lunch recess.

Reading Rocks

A before school reading program that supports continued literacy growth through the exploration of e-books, traditional books, magazines and other non-literacy activities.

Student Council

Student Council consists of fifth and sixth graders wanting to make a difference in our school.  Our motto is: Houdini’s Student council is here to lead helping the school and community with what they need. Student Council helps raise money for charities and helps with celebrations and spirit days.

Talent Show

A yearly event for Houdini students (and staff) to showcase their wide range of talent abilities and skills.

Technology Club

This for 5th and 6th grade students who like working with technology. Club members learn how to use computers, iPads, digital cameras, video cameras and other equipment at school to create special projects and showcase student learning.

Writing Club

An after school opportunity for students to explore different writing genres. Open to grades 3-6.